My sister started raving to me a few weeks ago about the meals she was getting from Blue Apron, touting the convenience, affordability, and generous portion sizes. I had seen the ads, but had my doubts. The primary reservation for me was price – $60 a week seemed like a pretty substantial cut out of our food budget when we, a household of 2, normally budget around $100 for groceries plus a $20 date night once a week (yes, my husband is frugal romantic). When my sister sent me an email for a free trial, my interest piqued. I figured there was nothing to lose; I would just sign up for the free week of food and then immediately cancel before the next shipment. Ok, don’t judge. You would have done the same thing.

As the day of delivery approached, I got more and more excited for that Blue Apron box to land on my porch. I tracked the shipment on the delivery day, hoping that it would get here before our 6 o’clock dinner time so I wouldn’t have to try and think of something healthy and yummy to eat after a long day of work. Much to my relief, when I arrived home, the box was waiting for me on the front porch like a puppy with its tail wagging.

Rifling through the box like a kid on Christmas morning, I uncovered the week’s ingredients: fresh Pacific salmon; crispy green kale, bok choy, and scallions; tantalizing spices of sumac and turmeric; and more. I shuffled through the ingredient cards, finally landing on the Sumac-Spiced Salmon and Labneh for our first meal.

An hour later, bellies replete, I asked my husband what he thought. Staggering from his food coma, he asked what recipes were on the docket for next week. Easily convinced. In the end, we decided we’d give it a few weeks and see what we thought. This blog gives detailed reviews on the recipes we’ve tried and the service as a whole. Please feel free to add your reviews in the comments section!

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