Finding the time to make a home cooked meal every night can be hard, if not impossible. After working a full day, the last thing many of us want to do is search for a new recipe, fight lines at the grocery store, and then come home to start cooking. This is likely why so many Americans rely on drive-thrus, take-out, and delivery services to get dinner on the table.

But what if you could find a compromise? What if you could have everything you need for a fresh-cooked meal delivered right to your door? With the meal delivery service Blue Apron, you can. If you’ve never heard of Blue Apron overview or you’re not sure if it’s right for you, here are five reasons to give it a shot:

 1. It Takes the Stress Out of Cooking

If you avoid the kitchen because you feel like you don’t have time to cook or you’ve had too many instances where you’ve gotten halfway through a recipe only to find that you don’t have everything you need, Blue Apron is right for you. They will send you everything you need – from the ingredients to step-by-step instructions straight to your door – no grocery shopping needed.

One of the best features of Blue Apron is that you can skip the grocery store and still cook great meals!

One of the best features of Blue Apron is that you can skip the grocery store and still cook great meals! Everything you need to pull off the perfect meal, like this Seared Salmon & Potato Salad, is delivered to your doorstep.

 2. You Get to Try New Things

Blue Apron works directly with over 100 family-owned farms, ranches, and fishing outfits across the country to bring you the freshest ingredients possible. Their dishes often incorporate exotic spices or unusual, hard-to-find ingredients that you may not cook with on a regular basis. The innovative recipes crafted by Blue Apron chefs allow you to taste different flavors and discover new favorites, without having to hunt down or invest in expensive ingredients. This year, we were delighted to try traditional North African tagine and puckered up at the creative use of pink California lemons.

 3. There’s No Commitment Required

Unlike some subscription services, Blue Apron gives you the opportunity to skip a week or two if you’re not in the mood to cook. If you’re heading out on vacation or you have a busy week where you can’t see yourself whipping something up in the kitchen, simply log into your Blue Apron account and skip that week’s delivery.

 4. You Can Cultivate Your Inner Chef

If cooking has never been your forte, or you simply have never learned, Blue Apron allows you to hone your chef skills with easy-to-follow recipes at a fraction of the cost of cooking classes. In addition to providing illustrated step-by-step instructions with every meal, you can hop online and find additional video tutorials on everything from basics like how to peel garlic to more advanced topics like how to supreme an orange. With Blue Apron, you can gain the confidence you need to toss grandma’s meatloaf recipe and take your cooking to the next level.

With Blue Apron, I've improved my cooking skills and knowledge. I can now zest, chop, and slice better than ever!

With Blue Apron, I’ve improved my cooking skills and knowledge. I can now zest, chop, and slice better than ever!

 5. It’s Healthy

If you’re not a big cook, you’re probably used to zapping microwaved meals or zipping in for takeout. While these are convenient options for getting calories, they’re definitely not the healthiest. The average dinner from a restaurant chain dishes up 1,128 calories, or 56% of the recommended daily intake. All Blue Apron meals are designed to be an appropriate dinner-sized portion, ranging somewhere between 500 and 800 calories per serving. Plus, Blue Apron uses all fresh ingredients, making prolific use of fruits and vegetables in each recipe to ensure that every dish is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Whether you’re a home cook looking for new recipes or a beginner wanting to learn to cook for yourself, Blue Apron can provide you with everything you need to learn something new, eat delicious meals, and feel like a five-star chef.